Know my weaknesses

I know that my team has way more knowledge than me, and that's a good thing because there is no point in hiring people that know less than you. I am not afraid to tell people when I don't know something, and I use this to my advantage by asking my team for advice and learning from them. I know my strengths are to guide the team in the right direction and keep them motivated when things get complicated. A good manager will build that trust in their group and allow people to come forward when they don't know something and not be ashamed for being truthful_

Choose Specific Skillsets

UX is entirely separate from UI in its core foundations. Behind all the designs is a good UX researcher to validate assumptions before even touching the design elements. A good UX designer doesn't think about the look and feel of the product but mainly looks at the problems and pain points they are trying to solve within each design solution, and then a good UI designer takes those learnings and adds the top layer and visual designs to these solutions. The whole process needs people with these specific skills. I don't hire UX people who want to do everything, and in the past, I've even seen UX people who want to code, which doesn't bring the company any value_

Follow the Agile Way

I am a firm believer in the Agile methodology within UX, and it has helped me deliver to the business on time and in a scalable way. Since adopting this over six years ago, I have found that the teams I have managed have also benefited from this and have been able to adopt this way of working within the design facet. I have also seen that the teams I have brought this top have evolved their method to fit them and has also been a beneficial factor in matching the KPI's goals that business set to me in delivery and collaboration_

Build Communication

A vital strategy when I create teams is to build the communication structure within them and the company. It is essential that they understand how to communicate with each other and express ideas going forward and bridge that communication on their designs and align with development. I devised a strategy that allowed for this free-flowing of communication across many companies, and in doing so, we reduced the conflict that can sometimes happen with new ideas. You can find more info on my strategies on this in my design ops section_