My Portfolio_

I have built many design teams from the ground up with my knowledge in DesignOps has allowed me to optimize the teams' performance, delivery and communication, thus creating a team that can deliver time after time. I have found that having the team define these rules on how we should operate builds a close, tight-knit group with great value in teamwork and collaboration_

Building an excellent design ethos is formulating ideas and solutions with thorough research methods. We must think about the features we create and bring the pain points to the team to find the best solution and let them see the answers rather than coming up with a solution to a problem. I made sure research was never skipped or even left out, and once the results were defined, it went into production_

Collaboration is the most crucial element in building a coherent team. In the past seven years, I have devised the best strategy to deliver how a team can collaborate. Teams work better when ideas are debated back and forth with freedom of expression to give constructive feedback without offending the other. Once those barriers are down within the team, they then get to deliver great ideas_