Head of UX_

It’s a difficult challenge to build teams that can work and collaborate well with each other. In order to find the best strategy is always to be willing to adapt and learn how they make the team better. Good managers should know that what works for one team doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for another. Once aligned and that harmony is there, the end product is felt like a team effort rather than an individual_

I believe the excellent design ethos is to try and formulate ideas and solutions using acceptable research methods. When we as managers think about features, we must analyze the critical pain points to find the best solution where the team will find the best answers. Due to the velocity of a project, research is always skipped or even left out, but once the results are defined before it goes into production, the business saves much money_

Collaboration is the most crucial element in building a coherent team. I have devised the best strategy to deliver the best way a team can collaborate in the past seven years. Teams work better when ideas are bounced back and forth with freedom of expression to give constructive feedback without offending the other. Once those barriers are down within the team, they then get to deliver great ideas_