Design Ops_

Design Ops is a new mentality in creating and optimising the delivery of the design teams to further enhance the continuous delivery cycle. The idea was formed from the DevOps central vision and to think in a way on how to build good creative teams and also for them to work efficiently with each other and to collaborate on many ways which optimises their performance across the entire business_

The rise of agile development has necessitated much tighter integration between design and technology, while recent investment in design — most notably by the big five tech companies — has highlighted the need to figure out how to deliver design at scale. Design Ops is essentially the practice of reducing operational inefficiencies in the design workflow through process and technological advancements. In short it’s about getting design improvements in the hands of your users as quickly and with as little friction as possible_

It’s worth noting that while DesignOps and DevOps are the result of similar drivers, though the practices are considerably different. DesignOps tends to focus more on the process and operations of design methods within the business. If the team have processes in place for their work and ideation, then DesignOps aims make that seamless as possible and build the right team behind it_