UX Design_

UX is a vital part of web design that researches what would be the best journey for the user. I personally believe that UX is completely separate from UI in its core foundations but there are many who think otherwise. I always believe that if the user research and experience is designed well, then the user interface produces a perfect result_

A good UX designer doesn’t think about the look and feel of the product but mainly looks at the problems and pain points they are trying to solve within each design solution. This takes a lot of understanding about the user and uses concrete research to formulate ideas and hypothesis. By doing this, they lead the way to then allow the UI designers to formulate the best way to achieve the designs using their components_

Now that UX has a place on the business table it is up to designers to develop their skills and deliver well thought out ideas and products. We should move everyone to think of the business value each design brings to the company and measure this success by analysing what we create to validate our ideas and assumptions. Only with this mentality we will breed a world of designers creating work that brings value rather than opinions_