UI Development_

One of the greatest things during my career was the chance to code what I designed and take my ideas further myself. I think this was the greatest learning curve throughout my career and gave me such good insight into the world of development. It also gave me guidance on how to organise myself and make my code to work with other teams and gave me the fundamentals on understanding design systems_

As a UI Developer there were many aspects of it that showed that this industry moves at a very fast pace and if you don’t keep up to date with current technologies, you fall quickly behind the curve. When I started development the rise in responsive coding was coming in and many developers relied on many frameworks to assist with reduction of work. First it was bootstrap and now Material Design. I really hope this trend dies out soon_

As the growth of internal designs systems have become the norm within development, more companies are now investing the money to build their own frameworks. This gives so much flexibility to designers and developers and also builds the foundation for scalability of an application. I think with this mentality developers have now seen the light that hacking a UI framework brings more work than actual benefits_