DesignOps Vision

Pitching your language and values to a sympathetic technology department makes a lot of sense. After all, if your CTO understands the value of DevOps, how could they possibly not see the value in Design Ops? Especially when Design Ops will make the lives of their tech teams infinitely less messy and more productive_

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The Speedboat

Communication between individuals constitutes one of the keys to ensuring successful agile teams. There are several exercises that are very easy to put in place to initiate, stimulate and maintain this communication. One of them is the “speed boat” exercise (or “agile boat” to be more general). If your team isn’t yet familiar with this Innovation Game®, it’s time for them to get on-board_


Here’s a typical problem for UX professionals: you start a project by working with business stakeholders to outline the requirements and then take off running with a single idea, iterating the design over and over. We often see UX team members develop one idea iteratively in wireframes, prototypes, mood boards, and comps, and then spend a huge amount of effort testing, refining, and presenting it to stakeholders until it shines_